The TOEFL® Young Students Series

Grow Your Students'

Confidence in English

Grow Your Students’ Confidence in English with The TOEFL® Young Students Series

Designed to set the foundation for the successful development of English language skills, the TOEFL Young Students Series features age-appropriate assessments, products and services including The TOEFL Junior and TOEFL Primary tests to help guide younger students to the next steps of learning.

Educators, students and parents from more than 65 countries worldwide rely on the TOEFL® Young  Students Series to help ensure the development of strong English communication skills.

Learn more about the tests:

TOEFL Primary Tests

Designed for students ages 8+, TOEFL Primary Tests measure the English communication skills that provide a foundation for students’ future success.

TOEFL Junior Tests

Intended for students ages 11+, the TOEFL Junior® tests are an objective and reliable measure of your students’ English communication skills that can help you pinpoint your students’ strengths and weaknesses.