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TOEFL ITP®  Test Content

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The TOEFL ITP® tests use academic and social content to evaluate the English-language proficiency of nonnative English speakers, giving you confidence in your students’ ability in a real-world academic setting.

TOEFL ITP®  Level 1 and 2 Tests

Available in paper or digital format and comprised of multiple-choice questions, the TOEFL ITP<sup>® </sup> Level 1 and Level 2 tests evaluate skills in Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension.

Level 1 (Intermediate to Advanced)
Section Number of Questions Admin Time Score Scale
Listening Comprehension 50 35 minutes 31-68
Structure and Written Expression 40 25 minutes 31-68
Reading Comprehension 50 55 minutes 31-67
TOTAL 140 115 minutes 310-677
Level 2 (High Beginner to Intermediate)
Section Number of Questions Admin Time Score Scale
Listening Comprehension 30 22 minutes 20-50
Structure and Written Expression 25 17 minutes 20-50
Reading Comprehension 40 31 minutes 20-50
TOTAL 95 70 minutes 200-500


  • The TOEFL ITP®  Speaking test1 evaluates the skills needed to speak English in everyday situations, as well as some basic campus and academic settings — making it an ideal way for in-country institutions to measure a students’ capabilities. It consists of one read aloud task, two independent speaking tasks and one integrated speaking task.
    • Testing time: Approximately 15 minutes
    • Number of tasks: Four
    • Score range: 31–68
    1 The Speaking test is only available with the digital TOEFL ITP®  Level 1 or Level 2 test.

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